Nanya NT6AN256T32AV-J2I

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Manufacturer Nanya
Technology LPDDR4
Capacity 8Gb
Organization 256Mx32
Bus-Width x32
Package BGA
Pin/Ball Count 200
Voltage VDD1:1.8V/VDD2:1.1V/VDDQ:1.1V
Min. Cycle Time 0.536ns
Max. Clock-Speed 1866 MHz
Max. Data-Rate 3733 MT/s
Temperature Range -40 to 105°C TC
Automotive No
RoHS-Compliant Yes
HTN Code 85423239
SPQ Tray 128 pcs

The NT6AN256T32AV-J2I is a LPDDR4 DRAM memory manufactured by Nanya made for an operating temperature of -40 to 105°C TC. It has a memory-capacity of 8Gb and is organized as 256Mx32 coming in a RoHS-compliant BGA 200 ball package. The data-rate is specified with 3733 MT/s reflecting a max clock-speed of 1866 MHz and a minimum clock cycle time of 0.536ns. The product is active and can be ordered from Memphis at any time.

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